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Sweet Jackie.
February 12, 2008, 10:15 am
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If anyone ever says to me, “I’m thinking about getting a dog,” I will always respond with “What you need is a Westie.” All dog owners are biased, I know this. You probably want me to get a dog just like yours. And I would, really, if I had a bigger yard. I WOULD, I PROMISE!

We got Jack from a “home breeder” in east Texas. I understand that it’s not very PC to support those puppy farms…Many people will only get a dog from a rescue organization, which is quite admirable, I must say. But I’d had my heart set on a Westie for so many years. And while I did religiously check rescue organization Web sites and made visits to the shelter looking for that one dog, it never panned out. Then I stumbled across this family in east Texas that breeds and raises Westies. I’ve told the story of his adoption and our road trip to pick him up several times, I think, on previous blogs. So I won’t bore you with any of that again.

The point of this post is to promote how “kid friendly” the Westie is. Or, Jack, specifically. Jack loves Natalie so much that it tears my heart into thousands of pieces to see him with her. Really, Jack is the best dog in the world. If he didn’t bark at the mailman, the FedEx guy, the UPS guy, and random, large pieces of Styrofoam that are flying down the street, he’d be the most perfect dog in the universe. But we’re working on that. With Natalie…he’s perfection for sure.

When she was only a few weeks old, Jack would “alert” us to her crying (which we’d already be hearing on the monitor) by running up and down the stairs to tell us that something was wrong. I know what you’re thinking…”That dog is so smart, like Lassie!” Well, you’re right, mister. Or miss. Or Mrs. Whatever.

He’s always greeted us at the door, demanding “high fives” from Todd as soon as he crosses the threshold…But now, if Natalie is in tow, there is no love for us. He has a very important job to do before he can show us any love. He’s got to do a full inspection of her, smelling our out, giving her a lick here and there, to make sure she’s okay and in the same condition she was in when Jack gave her the goodbye kisses on the way OUT the door.

But yesterday, his love for her reached an all new level. And it almost brought tears to my eyes. I picked her up a little earlier than usual because I had a late afternoon doctor’s appointment yesterday. So I brought her home, Jack did his inspection, and we all came upstairs to my office so I could wrap up a few work things. I put Natalie in her bouncy seat so that she could play (swat at) the toys on it and entertain herself until I was done. She was being so good, and so was Jack, that I really hadn’t been paying too much attention to either of them (go ahead, call CPS). I looked down, though, and there was Jack, sitting right next to her bouncy, looking at her. And in her bouncy…were his toys. He’d brought her his favorites – his “baby” (stuffed monkey) and his ball, and placed them right inside the bouncy seat with her, and was looking at her like, “So, do you want to play with those?”

Just the sweetest thing in the whole wide world. Sweeter than Hallmark commercials. Sweeter than Cadbury eggs. Sweeeeeeeeet.

Last night we tried, for the very first time, to let Natalie “cry through” one of her night wakings. Of course, this didn’t last very long, I was in there in about 5 minutes, picking her up, rocking her, responding to her manipulation. But for those five minutes, Jack was so hurt by her crying. He was pacing in and out of her room and ours, and finally jumped up into our bed. He cuddled up next to me (something he never does in the middle of the night) like he was really sad and hurt by her crying. He was feeling her pain and needed a little comforting himself. But mostly, he just wanted us to take care of her.

Sweet baby. I just wanted to share his sweetness with you, the world wide Web, and convince you that you need a Jack. If not a Westie, a dog that is kind and sweet and gentle and loving…and perfect. Like Jack. You need to pay a lot of money to clone my Jackie.
Jack Baby


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I love this. Sweet baby Jack.

Comment by jen

He is a sweet baby, indeed. 🙂

Comment by Lauri

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