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March 4, 2008, 8:49 am
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Dearest Allison,

I’m writing you from the confines of my home, as it snowed last night in Dallas and – while I know you, a resident of Portland, Maine, a place that has received record-setting snow fall this year, know what it’s like to have snowfall, surely nothing compares to this! I’ve taken a few photographs to share with you, as I think you’ll better understand our circumstances once you have a visual.

It all started last night while we were eating dinner. (It appears that my craving for Subway sandwiches has not subsided since pregnancy, so we tried to re-create them at home – not successful, I wouldn’t suggest trying this.) Todd got up from the TV tray (in front of the television – which now that I look back, am surprised it was even working in such a storm) and said, “It’s snowing outside!” I could hear the excitement in his voice and I immediately started cursing Mary for all those “snow prayers” she’s been saying. After all, I knew what this meant for me. I’d have to get to the grocery store PRONTO and start building up my reserves of canned goods, bottled water…And I’d have to make sure our First Aid kit was stocked and full of all the cold-weather necessities, whatever those are. But I let him enjoy his child-like wonder of the snow falling, and I got up to join him at the window and watch it, in all its beauty, falling to the ground.

We went to bed, and as soon as I woke up I went to the window and saw it. Yes, it was still there, all white and beautiful. And debilitating. Man, I started to really understand what you meant by feeling so homebound and trapped in your home. I started to wonder if I, too, would need to get out there and shovel the walkway and driveway, much like you’re always having to do, so that Todd could get out the door and out to work. I made a mental note to myself to bring the hairdryer downstairs with me, thinking it might be easier and more effective than the shovel. The shovel we don’t own.

I went downstairs to find Natalie sleeping and Todd working at his computer, so I decided to get bundled up, grab the camera, and get outside to get some pictures of our storm so that you’d have proof and documentation of our misery.

I searched and searched for snow banks seven feet tall, like those you sent us pictures of just yesterday. I’m sure they were there. It’s just that when it snows like this, everything looks white. Things are so hard to find out there. So this is all I got.

This first photo is of one of Natalie’s bath toys, as you can see, COVERED in snow on the back porch table. (Don’t ask why one of her bath toys was left outside. See, the dolphin came in a package of 8 or so toys, and we just couldn’t bare not giving one to Jack. So this one is his.)

Bath Toy - Covered

These next two pictures are just of two of the backyard items that I fear won’t even WORK anymore, once this storm passes. One of a brand new water hose (which ironically, has been brand new for about a year now, still never used.) And the grill. Thank God we covered the grill before the storm hit, or I fear that we’d really never see those yummy grilled kabobs this summer! Maybe once the weather dies down a bit, I’ll convince Todd to go out, scrape the snow off these items, and get them into the garage…fast!

Water hose Snow Covered Grill

So after this really depressing walkthrough of the back yard, I went to the front of the house to get some photos. That walk through the house, from the back door to the front, was heaven. The warmth! Thank God for electric heating! I just checked the temperature outside so that you could get a better idea of how things feel here – it’s 37 degrees!!! THIRTY SEVEN! Good Lord, that’s almost freezing! We could die here, if we’re not careful!!!

In the front yard I made sure to snap a picture of the BLANKET of snow that is covering our few square inches of yard in front of our zero-lot line home. I’m scared to walk out into this, for fear that I might sink and never be found!

Front Yard - Blanket of Snow

I walked over to the car, to see if it’s even DRIVABLE. Of course, it’s not. It’ll take weeks to get the snow off of it. So glad I made that midnight trip to Wal-Mart for my reinforcement supplies. Or else we’d be in big trouble, and hungry for the next several weeks! I only wish I had a really big “scraper” tool of sorts, so that I could get this snow and ice off of the car and actually go VOTE today. But it looks like I’m stranded here, and who knows for how long.

The Car

I also took a picture of the rooftop, and our front flower bed. Don’t let these pictures fool you. Just because there’s no snow on the plant life beneath the roof, that doesn’t mean this wasn’t a nasty storm. And just because the front bed got very little snow (although I’d beg to differ, and say that this is still, in fact, a substantial amount), it doesn’t mean that we’re not suffering here. It just means that Todd plans well. He did something to these bushes and flower beds to ensure that they’d make it through a storm, should it come through.

Rooftop - Covered Front Flower Bed

And finally, after I braved the cold (37 degrees!) and got the photos I wanted to send you, I went back inside and asked Todd to bundle Natalie up and come outside – I felt it was pretty important that we document that this record-setting snow in Dallas came to us the same year that brought us our Natalie. It’s her first snow!!! So of course I had to get some photos. We bundled her up as warm as we possibly could, and laid down a blanket on the ground, so that she wouldn’t sink through into the several centimeters of snow there. Here’s the shots we got. As you can see, she appears to be FREEZING. Don’t worry, we didn’t leave her out there too long. Once her fingers, toes and nose started to turn a bluish-black, we scooped her up and got her inside next to the fireplace. Granted, there was no fire there, but we definitely plan on making one, as cold as it is.

Nat - Almost Gone Nat - Sinking

And finally, I snapped one of Natalie and her Daddy, together in the snow. I hope you can see them, through the actual snow falling. Please don’t be fooled by the fact that Todd is, in fact, not wearing a jacket. And he has on a short sleeved shirt. Don’t let this be a sign of how cold it ISN’T here…He’s just a man and does not know any better. He will probably come down with pneumonia because of this one incident. And of course, it’ll be me who has to nurse him back to health. I only hope I have enough items in the First Aid kit to give him the care he will need through this, as I doubt that any of the hospitals or doctor’s offices will even be open for weeks. I’m sure they, too, can’t get out of their driveways and to the office.

Todd and Nat

I’m going to sign off now. Saving electricity. You never can be too safe. I sure hope that your snow is melting away today…If you pray for the same for us, we’ll reciprocate. Bundle up and stay warm! I’m going to go try that hairdryer out on the front porch.

Warmest of love,


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Oh, I’m praying alright. Perhaps the best letter written in meteorological history!

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