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Like Sands Through the Hourglass…
March 10, 2008, 8:15 am
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Friday night, I showered and fixed my hair, as we were meeting some old co-workers out for dinner and I wanted to look my best. (Ha!) Anyway – I do shower on a regular basis, but actually taking the time to blow dry and curl my hair is another thing. I wear it wet most of the time, pulled up into a bun. This seems to work well with my schedule. I work from home and am here all day, alone with my cat and dog. They really don’t seem to care or notice if my hair is “fixed”, and they actually prefer it when I’m a little more stinky and not so squeaky clean. So they’re really not the target audience I’m trying to please on a day-to-day basis. My own husband would prefer if I wore no make-up at all. (However, I have noticed that when I get all dolled up and ready to go somewhere, he says to Natalie, “Look how hot that mama looks…!” Maybe he does care…?)

Anyway, the point is that if I were going into an office every day and interacting with people, maybe I’d take the time to take a few steps toward enhancing my state of beauty every day. But really, my natural beauty is so overwhelming to most people, it’s for the safety of the people of this great state that I just keep things less enhanced.

So back to Friday. I got all fancied up and was about to go downstairs to load the baby up and head out with Todd…when I saw it…

A gray hair.

On my head.

I’d have never noticed it if I’d just kept the hair all wet and balled up into a bun on the top of my head. But no, I blowed it all dry and straight and curled it up so nice…and in doing so basically shined a huge spotlight on what is the first sign that I am old, old, old… To make things worse, when we got into the car and I was pointing out to Todd, in the mirror, that there was a gray hair there, I found ANOTHER ONE! Sweet Jesus.

So Todd has tons of gray hair, so he didn’t think anything of it. “So what, you have two gray hairs! Just pull them out!” But he doesn’t get it. I’m a good four years older than him. (Actually from this month, all the way until July, I’m about FIVE YEARS OLDER THAN HIM!) I don’t need any more indicators that are visible and obvious to the outside world that I’m completely robbing the cradle here.

The truth is, I really do embrace getting older and wiser…I’m not really that upset about having gray hair. It just shocked me. I’ve never put any sort of color or chemical in my hair (for fear that it will just fry up, and fall completely out), and I likely never will, so I’ve just got to get used to it. I know people who have no idea what their natural hair color is anymore. They’ve got no idea if they have gray hair or not… I just can’t imagine not knowing those things about myself. What does the “hair color” option on their driver’s license say? Truly, I’m kind of fascinated by that. I’m always intrigued by all the hair color paraphernalia stuff at the salon. The foil, the chemicals, the little key-chain looking strands of hair color hanging on the wall for you to choose from. I have often wished that I could be a member of that hair color club, but the truth is I don’t have the time for it. Anything that requires me to go back to some place for a touch up or a re-do or a re-fill…is a level of personal maintenance that I just can’t get on board with (remember how I started this post, and the ass-whippin’ I feel that blowing my hair dry is…) Some days I can’t believe that I have to keep filling my car up with gasoline in order to make it go. Why can’t it just GO on its own??? (I’m kidding about that, for the most part.)

Anyway, I have gray hair now. I’m a mother, I have gray hair and I have high cholesterol. And receding gums. And perhaps some other issues I’m having checked out. I’d heard from a lot of friends that you hit this certain age – it’s not the same for everyone – but you get there and all of a sudden everything changes. I told Todd the other day that I was really excited about this, my 32nd year. I have so much to look forward to with Natalie and all the really ground-breaking things she’s going to do this year…And in the first week of my 32nd year I found the gray hair and found out I have high cholesterol. Slap in the face!

It’s all just a sign that it’s time to work to make things better and get this old body into working order. And I’m taking the steps to do so…even if I’m grumpy and don’t like it. 🙂

Happy Monday!


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