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Mondays Suck
March 18, 2008, 10:37 am
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Yesterday, which spilled into the wee hours of this morning, was just the weirdest day for me. I’ve had worse days, for sure. But this one, was just a little off for some reason.

First of all, I didn’t shower all day. Sure, there were opportunities. But it just didn’t happen for some reason. And now, it’s 11:36 AM on Tuesday – I’m having lunch – and I’ve still not showered. I think my normal routine is a bit off because Todd has been going into work later this week, because he’s doing testing after hours. So he goes in late, stays late. And that means he and Natalie are at the house later in the morning, so my day gets started a little later as well. This is not to say my lack of showering or my feeling “off” is his fault. Just a factor in the big picture.

We have a two-story house. I really pride myself on what an efficiency machine I am when it comes to taking things up and down the stairs. When Todd brings the trash down from upstairs (compiled into one or two little waste baskets) I load things into those waste baskets that need to go back upstairs. Like shoes, things that need to be filed in the office, books, things like that. They’re not dirty – they just hold office trash, that type of thing. So I’m okay with using them to transport items. They’re like my little camels here at the house. Well, this got me into major trouble once…I’d loaded one of them up, full of papers, books, and I can’t even remember what. Brought it upstairs into the office and neglected to unpack it before the next trash day. And what happened? Todd trashed all of it. The only thing I could REMEMBER that was in there was a dog-eared baby name book. Who knows what Natalie’s name would have been, had that book not been thrown away…


So in Natalie’s room a few days ago, I’d taken her dirty clothes out of her hamper and placed them into a laundry basket, knowing that I needed to get a load of her clothes ready to wash. (Her clothes get washed separately, in this delicate, delicious smelling detergent.) Well that basket sat in her room a few days and I kept adding to it, when I’d bathe or or change her clothes. Or when she’d spit up all over something.

One day not too long ago I was in the car with my friend Mary and had to run into the store to grab some formula. While I was in there, I spotted a Family Circle magazine at the check out that had an article on getting organized at home. Mary and I had JUST been talking about that in the car, so I grabbed it and offered it to her to read. Unfortunately the article was crap – you had to have a pretty sophisticated drawer and cabinet system already to follow their instructions. So the magazine – not full of the type of articles or pictures I typically like (read: nothing about Brit-Brit or Brangelina) – sat in my car for weeks. It made it into the house at some point, and up to Natalie’s room for some reason.

Well – I threw that magazine into the laundry basket in Natalie’s room the other day, so that it could make its way back downstairs and into the recycling trash can.

Family Circle made its way downstairs. And into the washing machine with Natalie’s load of laundry.

Without going into major, boring details…there was a blanket of magazine snow all over my laundry room when I got up at 5:45 this morning. I’d asked Todd to put that load of clothes into the dryer for me before he went to bed. Well…poor guy…He opened that washing machine to a load full of tiny wet pieces of paper, all over Natalie’s clothes. He shook off as much as he could and put the clothes into the dryer, and didn’t start it, thank God. So what I found when I went into the laundry room was an empty washing machine – well, full of tiny, wet pieces of Family Circle, more tiny, wet pieces of Family Circle on the floor in a huge pile, and tiny, wet pieces of Family Circle all over the half-wet clothes in the dryer.

I cleaned out the washer. Then I shook out every piece of her clothing from the dryer. Now that they were semi-dry, the pieces came off easier. And onto the floor. Re-washed everything. Cleaned out the dryer. And swept up, I swear, a million pieces of Family Circle off my laundry room floor. The pile of pieces looked like the biggest mound of confetti you’ve ever seen. But it was kind of nasty and damp and not from a big party where smiley, happy people THREW it in the air in joy! Yay.

I was telling my friends Mary and Allison about this incident, and Allison said “If one of our husbands had done this, you know they’d never hear the end of it from us.” What an interesting perspective. If Todd had washed the magazine in there, I’d be all over him – “THIS is why I always want to do the laundry! Don’t touch the laundry!” Poor husbands. Poor Todd. He didn’t even make fun of me or complain…He just helped. Sweet thing.

I’m just hoping that maybe, maybe those pieces of Family Circle will have clogged all the mechanical parts of that washing machine, and maybe, just maybe it will mean that we HAVE to go buy a new high-efficiency front loader. 🙂


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This happened to me once, but it was Southern Living. Everywhere!!!!

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