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Baby Talk
May 19, 2008, 10:00 am
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Natalie, who is now almost 8 months old (can you believe that????) is starting to piece sounds and concepts together. While sometimes, her MA MA can just sound like “noises” and “sounds”, sometimes I know she means it. The other night she was extremely fussy during her bedtime ritual – which she usually loves. Todd was putting her diaper and jammies on her, after her bath. She’s usually very talkative at that point, squealing and talking to us while we dress her for bed. But this night in particular, she was just fussy, thrashing her body around and screaming. Todd, at the changing table with her, and me, sitting on the ottoman in her room…We were all a little upset by her cries. And then suddenly, muffled in the sounds of her cries came a “MAMA…MAMA…” And she was looking at me, too, while she said it.

So she totally meant to say it.

So first came “da da” and “hi da da”…and now “ma ma”. Sometimes, “ba ba”, which is sometimes just a sound, other times she says it while we’re making her bottles.

But lately. Lately, she’s been putting her sounds together in a way that just fills me with pride. At least once a night, sometimes twice…she’ll give us an OH-BA-MA. OH-BA-MA. Ohhhbaaamaaa…. Obama.

Yes, you heard it right, folks. Obama.

She could have said “McCain” or “Clinton”, I don’t care. It’s the activism that means something here.

Take a stand, honey. And stay strong! Don’t be influenced by the pundits, the media! We’ll make you a sign, so that you can carry it around the house.

My little activist. My little angel.