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Mysterious Bumper Sticker
June 30, 2008, 2:07 pm
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Update: Here is the bumper sticker that this post is referring to.

And now that I look at it again, it looks like a man with a cup of coffee and his head on fire. I have no idea.

Last week, Todd and I realized that both of us have separately been baffled by this bumper sticker that seems to rear its head on the bumpers of cars all around us, quite frequently as of late.

I had friends in town last week for work meetings – and in the various car rides we took together I told them about the sticker. Tried to explain to them what it looks like, then finally said, “There are so many of them, I’ll just be able to show you one day this week, I promise.”

Sure enough, in the parking lot of the Melting Pot on Friday night, there it was. A car (SUV – not sure if that’s important) had the sticker there on the back window… And Todd got a picture of it with his phone. Once I get that picture from him, I’ll post it here.

Until then, though, I’ll continue to obsess over what this sticker means. It has no words on it, just a symbol of sorts. At the top it looks like two crab claws to me, or two wrenches. Maybe deer antlers. Then the lines beneath that form an outline of a man, with his arm bent in front of him (perhaps he’s holding a cat or something), very odd. In total, it looks like a pre-historic animal of some sort…It’s just too hard to explain. You have to see it.

Until then, you might find this “conservative bumper sticker” Web site that I found during one of my searches interesting. I especially find the “Speak English” one interesting — can you “Stand With Israel” and not stand people who don’t speak your language? And I may be showing my ignorance here, but I still don’t get the “Infidel” ones? I must not be the target audience.

If you click on the “Clearance” button you can get – on clearance – a “JESUS SAVES” sticker. Wonder why that one is on clearance? OR a sticker that notifies other drivers that you survived Roe v. Wade, back when you were a fetus.

I’ll post that picture of the mystery sticker as soon as I get it.


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It is a buck.

Comment by Dr. Max Kilgore

Man! Sure enough. I hadn’t thought to go to a hunting/fishing Web site to look this up, but as soon as I did – there it was. Thanks Dr. Max Kilgore.

Comment by Lauri

I guess I am too late. You should have known it was something backwoods like a freakin’ deer. And remember to “watch out for deer”.

Comment by Big Sis

Clearly there are a lot of hunters in this area. I can’t remember if it was Allison, Mary, Jennifer or Todd – but one of them said those were antlers. I said they were clearly crab claws or fire. Again, none of us are the target audience for that kind of propoganda. 🙂

Watch out for deer!

Comment by Lauri

This is too funny – How long have you been gone from the sticks?? Check it out Browning.com – it is a logo (and a deer) – HA – thanks for my laugh of the day!

Comment by Allison Mae

I saw some girl wearing a shirt with that on it the other day at the baseball game.

Comment by allison

the outline – white part looks like a buck, and on the inside of him looks like a doe/deer. see???

Comment by yo mama

i haven’t been to your blog site in AWHILE. this was funny to see though. definitely a buck. see them all of the time and never thought it was anything else.

we have a client who has the following bumperstickers for their members. they LOVE to sport these bad boys:

Comment by Sam

My God, my God.
1. Mom – yes, isn’t it so CUTE how it’s a little doe or baby deer inside the picture? Adorable. Now that person is going to shoot it.
2. Sam – I’ve seen quite a few of those stickers and recognized them immediately as deer. This one, though – tell me you don’t see a man holding a cup of joe with his head on fire.

Comment by Lauri

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