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July 17, 2008, 10:21 am
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When I was pregnant, Todd didn’t gain weight like a lot of dads-to-be do. You know, the pregnant lady is usually eating more, some even using the pregnancy excuse as a reason to eat BAD food, and the husband follows suit and eats more crap and gains weight. You know, that whole deal. Instead, in our house, Todd begain training for triathlons, and has continued to do so. His new hobby.

When he trains, he burns calories like crazy. When he actually does a race, he burns a couple THOUSAND calories. Literally. THOUSANDS of calories. So, he has to eat more. And he wonders why our grocery spending is so high. He blames the general cost of food increasing, and the fact that we now have another “eater” in the house…but I’m not so sure that it’s not the fact that he eats ABOUT TWELVE TIMES A DAY, and not all of them “small meals”.

My point is – the tables are turned now. He’s the one eating more. And, allowing himself some indulgences (like brownie/ice cream sundaes) because he really needs to consume more calories. To stay alive.

And I’m consuming right along with him, just as any devoted wife would do. But I’m not participating in these triathlons, nor am I growing a baby inside of me.

Something’s got to change. Quick-style.


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That’s so not fair.

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