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Confession, McRib
August 22, 2008, 11:47 am
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When I was a little girl, my dad used to take me to McDonald’s to get a McRib sandwich. We owned restaurants, as a family, for years. Even a fast food restaurant (Texas Stop Sign!) But for some reason, he loved these things. And McDonald’s doesn’t sell them year-round. They come and go. And when they’d make their return, we’d drive to a nearby town (to the closest McDonald’s at the time!) to get one.

No one knew meat better than my dad – his last job was actually in sales for a meat packing and restaurant supply company. He was actually a “meat snob” in some ways – if you even DARED to put a drop of steak sauce on one of his steaks, he’d be insulted and he’d let you know it. “A good steak doesn’t need a sauce of any kind.” He was the Meat Nazi, before there was an anything-Nazi besides real Nazis. The point here is, it’s very strange to me, still, that he liked the McRib. There’s nothing else in the world that might be better described as MYSTERY MEAT than a damned McRib sandwich!

This takes us to today. And my confession.

I drove to McDonald’s for lunch, in my pajamas. And the McRib is back. And I got one.

My confession is not around the fact that I ate the mystery meat, but the fact that I LIKED IT. Not nearly as much as I love a Quarter Pounder, though. WHY!?!???!?? Oh…and the DELICIOUS french fries. We all know that in my first trimester of pregnancy, I craved McDonald’s hamburgers. Didn’t care for McDonald’s before that…I was even a little grossed out by it, especially after seeing “Super Size Me”, the movie. And I live with the Anti-McDonald’s President, my husband. My confession is that today, I realized that I love McDonald’s. I hate to love it. I hate to love those Quarter Pounders. I can see each one of them in every dimple in my thighs.

It’s not “cool” to love McDonald’s.
It’s also not very good for my cholesterol.
I feel like I should hide the evidence.
But I won’t, because that will mean I have a whole other set of problems.


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