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August 23, 2008, 8:18 am
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I’ve spent a lot of time in airports over the past couple of weeks. I’ve just had a lot of work lately that takes me out of my comfy home office where I don’t HAVE to get out of my PJ’s and into an environment where uncomfortable shoes are just a by-product of the good and necessary other goings-on.

Anyway, as we all know, airports make for very good people watching. A couple of observations this last trip:
1. I’m pretty sure that the trend of having a very small dog that fits into a designer bag makes airport workers want to kill a bunch of trend-following females.
2. It’s a shame that you could get arrested for picking up and consoling a stranger’s child. Even if that stranger is spending 45 minutes or so on the phone with her husband while her one year-old is screaming for attention, and clearly scared of her surroundings.
3. Airplanes smell. They just do. And there’s nothing you can do about it. They have this sweaty, oily hair smell.
4. Related to #3 – no one cleans airplanes. The insides of them, I mean. The windows have a film on them from hair products and dirty hands, the floors are covered in crumbs, and the seats themselves should be re-upholstered more often than they are.
5. First class shouldn’t be so close to the first few rows of coach. On the last leg of the last trip I took, I sat in row 8, just a couple rows behind first class. As I munched on my Chex Mix, I closed my eyes and imagined that I was eating whatever it was that smelled so good up in first. You know nice, lovely things are happening up there, but when you’re sitting in the 25th row it doesn’t bother you so much. When you have to look at it and smell it…That’s a different story.

Just some random Saturday thoughts.


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