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August 27, 2008, 2:20 pm
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Have you ever had a “feeling” memory? )I made up this word, I don’t know what else to call it.) It’s like a mini-flashback where, in a split second, you are reminded of exactly how you felt at a particular place in time?

I had one the other day. I wasn’t doing anything special, I was just getting a coffee mug out of the cabinet and about to pour myself a cup of coffee. And I remembered, in an instant, and felt, in that same instance, exactly how I felt the week Natalie was born, when I was preparing for my mom to come visit.

Now, I know that I’ve mentioned here only 200 times before how that was the best week of my life, ever. I still maintain that nothing will ever top it. But what I was remembering in this instant were the days leading up to her arrival, when I was preparing the house for family to arrive, preparing for my hospital stay, etc. I remembered making sure there were blankets and such for my mom, who was going to be staying for a couple weeks when we got home.

And this gave me the most comforting sense of peace. My mother coming. To my house. To take care of me.

I remember how excited I was about THIS and how nervous I was about PUSHING A BABY OUT OF MY BODY. But this particular memory was just around the “good” butterflies that were in my stomach about my mom’s impending arrival.

I love those feelings.


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Pushing a baby out of one’s body is an amazing, miraculous experience.

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