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Just some thoughts from the airport
September 25, 2008, 1:59 pm
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I hope this isn’t in any way offensive. But recently I was in an airport and saw many, many people traveling who were dressed in traditional, Hasidic Jewish attire. Like this. Anyway, I started to wonder about the rules that surround their dress. I’m sure it has something to do with modesty. Maybe a lot to do with tradition. But what if it has something to do with “not dressing like everyone else”? And what would happen if everyone started to dress like them? Would they have to find something different? I have no idea why I thought of this. I guess if that reggae guy didn’t start a trend, I’m not likely to.

Also, I see a lot of pilots, especially pilots for American Airlines, since I’m brand-loyal to them even though they piss me off. Those pilots are always so put together. Nicely dressed, clean cut, shined shoes, pressed shirts. They usually have the short-sleeved-shirt-with-a-tie thing going on. But I started to over-analyze them as a group, recently, and realized I’d never seen any of them with tattoos on their arms. I wondered if it was part of the dress code?

I also realized that I have terrible anxiety around boarding the plane. No matter how many times I do it, I always sit in fear that when it is my turn to board, there won’t be any room from my seat forward in the overhead compartments for my bag. I never check bags, so I’ve always got my backpack and my roller bag. I have always stressed about there being room for the roller bag…and this started BEFORE they started charging for checked bags. I used to be gold status, which meant I could always board with Group 1. But maternity leave knocked me down to regular status with no perks. So I’m wondering if “boarding anxiety” qualifies me for boarding first, with the kids with strollers and wheelchairs? I’m seriously thinking of trying that next time.

There was a little girl at the airport during my last trip who looked A LOT like Natalie. It’s what I imagine that Natalie will look like in a year or so. Interestingly enough, like Natalie, her hair and eye color didn’t match her parents’ at all. She was just like Natalie – blonde headed, blue eyed, with parents who had brown hair and brown eyes. Anyway, I bring this up because I was looking at this little girl quite a bit. I was looking at her fondly, thinking of little Natalie at home…When I realized that her mother thought I was eyeing her a little TOO much. She kept shifting away so that I couldn’t look at her. So I looked away, not trying to seem like a creep. But I couldn’t help but look AGAIN to see if the mother was still eyeing ME down! I felt like a total weirdo. I AM a total weirdo.


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