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This stuff works.
October 28, 2015, 8:47 am
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Finished “Wheat Belly”, the book yesterday. And I’m on day 10 of the “Total 10” plan. Will pick up Wheat Belly guidelines after this weekend… And it works. Something works. I’ve lost 7 inches and over 5 pounds so far. Just like “they” said, my need for grazing and my sugar cravings have subsided. It’s been a good thing.

I fully expect that at the end of the two weeks, as I transition some items back into my diet (in moderation) I will probably see a few of those pounds again. But I’m fine with that. Something is working. Something. And that’s better than before, when nothing was working.

Here’s what I found, 10 days in:

  • Sugar cravings are almost completely gone, but after dinner I do still crave dessert.
  • I’m sleeping better.
  • The first few days definitely brought some mental fogginess – but now I feel like I’m thinking a little more clearly.
  • I don’t miss the wheat. What I miss is my granola bar in the morning.
  • Food is good without wheat, starches, sugar or even dairy. It is actually good, whole food that is filling and delicious.
  • I cook more, we eat out less, and I never realized what a crutch restaurant eating is – especially during the week.
  • I feel better.

The biggest struggle in making this transition (besides people thinking I’m crazy) is trying to train the kids to eat better. We’ve trained them (especially the wee one) to snack a lot. He actually, literally, said this week, “But I want something to eat that comes in a PACKAGE that I can OPEN!” How embarrassing. Natalie has truly enjoyed the meals we’ve prepared over the past couple of weeks, but she’s a great eater. Andy is a struggle, a fight, a battle of wills. Lots of work to do there.

The next step is an appointment with my GI doctor to discuss wheat elimination. Apparently it has all kinds of positive effects on reflux. I have a checkup scheduled in a couple of months and I’m excited to see what he says about it. If he says it’s all crazy horsesh*t, then I’ll probably just punch him in the throat and litter the internet with terrible reviews about his incompetence. JK.

So, we’re having a very small, very impromptu Oktoberfest party this weekend. On Halloween. Todd has been planning it – and while he was doing a great job, I had to jump right in and blow it out of proportion. I’ve ordered Oktoberfest party decorations and even some costumes for us to wear. I’m trying to find where I can buy some pretzels that I can bake at home. This is ridiculous.

Kids – how are the kids? Natalie’s soccer season is winding down and she’s considering playing in an indoor league through the cooler weather. Andy will wrap up baseball soon, and I don’t think that will break his heart. He just enjoys spending time with his friend Kole on the field. Like a planned, predictable, weekly play date. Both kids are doing great in school and their teachers both said what great students they are, at our recent parent-teacher conferences. But I can’t help but feel like we are entering a new era of parenting with these two…They don’t seem scared to talk back or voice their opinion anymore. Just comes naturally to them. There are behaviors that I clearly, genetically, bestowed upon them that are coming to surface. And they better check themselves before they wreck themselves. HA! Todd and I are just going to have to enter a realm of not-being-a-pushover parenting that we’ve been holding out on. They’re sweet kids. Sweet kids that are about to start spending a lot less time with an XBox or anything else with a screen. We always tell ourselves, we know we have good kids… But when do good kids turn into serial killers? I kid, I kid…

That’s all, folks.